Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keep Organized with Nomads Notes RV Diary

If you work out of your RV, keeping organized has probably become a project of epic proportions. If you use your RV for work or play I'd be willing to bet you have receipts & notes stuffed in the glove box, clipped to the visor and wadded up in your coat pockets. That secret compartment in your wallet and that old purse are also good places to find stashed receipts. Maybe, just maybe, you try to keep organized and you have a shoe box full of your expenses at the end of the year.

An RV Diary isn't an accounting program nor can it do your taxes for you but it sure can help you keep organized much better than a shoebox full of receipts. Just think how convenient it will be to have an organized diary to provide answers to your professional tax preparer.

This wonderful RV diary software program has functions that can organize both the pleasure traveler and a travelling small business and it's available now.  
Perhaps you're a crafter and travel in your RV from one craft show to another. Maybe you work at one of those mega swapmeets or flea markets one week a month or possibly you work the various fairgrounds across the United States. For all you worker-bees that travel to work in your RV and live in it while you're working there is a wonderful down-loadable RV diary that's bound to keep you organized.  Nomad Notes is a software diary program that has many beneficial features including: A trip diary, a photo album, a travel expense journal and a vehicle expense & maintenance journal,

This RV Diary also has a fuel consumption comparison chart which will help you figure out your MPG. The trip diary allows you to keep track of your mileage, your expenses for camping, sites, food, fuel, etc. 
The photo album feature is fabulous, with a little creativity it can become a great customer service tool.  It allows you to take pictures of the various items you make and/or items you sell or want to sell. You can also use it to record the different craft shows or swapmeets you attend.  You can label your photo's with separate titles and descriptions, the search capabilities will let you locate a picture by date or location. If you have a lot of repeat business with customers, this can be a very helpful tool. 
There is also a contact information journal to record names, addresses, phone numbers & email addresses. This is a big plus for keeping track of customers, friends, family, campgrounds, flea markets, swapmeets, organizations, etc.

The ability to record your vehicle information including insurance, registration, maintenance and future scheduled maintenance times is a priceless time saving tool.

With The Help Of This RV Diary You Will Be So Much More Organized Than You Ever Thought Possible!

  • Nomads Notes RV Diary has several reports that are easily retrieved
  • Nomads Notes RV Diary allows you to share your journal & photos in PDF files
  • Nomads Notes has mathematical charts that are calculated in US Imperial and/or metric system
  • Nomads Notes includes a spell checker with 4 different English language dictionaries - US, UK, Australian and Canadian
  • System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, if you are running Windows XP you will need Windows.NET Framework.  If you are not sure if you have Microsoft.NET Framework  Click here 
  • Adobe Reader  is required to download 
Activation of Nomads Notes license code requires internet access. Once  installed and the license is activated you do not need the internet to use this program.

If you live in the United States the cost of this software program will be approximately $54.  Nomads Notes offers Prompt Customer Service & A Money Back Guarantee.  Once product is paid for immediate download is available.